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Ask the Experts Interview: Advice for Selling Your Home from HouseMax and FOX4 News | HouseMax Kansas City

Ask the Experts Interview: Advice for Selling Your Home from HouseMax and FOX4 News | HouseMax Kansas City

When it’s time to sell your home in Kansas City, you’re going to have a lot of questions. Should you use a realtor or a house buyer? Is your home right for a house buyer in Kansas City? If you do choose a house buyer, what’s involved in that process? HouseMax founder and CEO Jason Jones answered all of these “Advice for Selling Your Home” questions and more when he appeared on FOX 4’s Ask the Experts with Carey Wickersham.

In the FOX4 video, Jason explains that the housing market in Kansas City is both a buyer’s and seller’s market, but the demands of the buyer may be a bit higher than what the seller has to offer, especially if your home needs some remodeling. In other words, your outdated oak cabinets from the ’90s might result in you receiving a lower offer or even no offer at all.

“Buyers are really picky,” Jason says. “They want everything done. So when they do go into houses, they really pick apart the house.”

Today’s first-time home buyers, many of them millennials, are looking for homes that already feature popular upgrades and require minimal work. While they may be willing to change easy things, such as paint or flooring, they don’t want to completely redo an outdated kitchen or bathroom.

“They tend to go for houses that have been completely rehabbed,” Jason said.

What does this mean if you’re trying to sell a house that hasn’t changed since you moved in in 1999 (or before), but you don’t have the time, energy, or money to complete the needed updates? No worries; HouseMax will buy your home as-is.

Outdated décor isn’t the only reason sellers choose a house buyer in Kansas City. HouseMax will work with anyone who needs to sell a home quickly for any reason, whether it’s because of a move, foreclosure, divorce, bankruptcy, or damage to the property by renters. Did you suddenly inherit a home from a relative? HouseMax can buy that, too.

Whatever the scenario, check out the video below to learn more about how HouseMax helps those wishing to sell their Kansas City home fast and for cash.

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HouseMax buys homes in the Greater Kansas City area for cash through a simple, streamlined process. Sellers who choose HouseMax avoid weeks or even months of work and stress as well as the fees and closing costs involved in using a traditional realtor.

“We’re helping families in all neighborhoods, not just a few, and that makes me proud,” Jason says. “My staff is second-to-none, and we believe in integrity from the get-go. We don’t like to pull any punches. All of our contracts are one page.”

Interested in getting more advice for selling your home fast? Contact HouseMax about your property and let us tell you how we can help and make you a cash offer on your home for sale in Kansas City. We strive to make the process as uncomplicated and seamless as possible with terms that are easy to understand. We can close on most KC homes in as few as seven days!

HouseMax is a family-owned Kansas City-based house buyer and real estate investment firm that strives to help KC-area homeowners through a quick, easy, and streamlined home-buying process. We aren’t real estate agents who are trying to find buyers for your home. We are the cash buyers. Contact HouseMax today!

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