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HouseMax is a local cash buying company, but we’re problem solvers first and foremost, and we’re here to serve your home selling needs. HouseMax has worked with people in many different scenarios in the past.

What Housemax do

Problems we Solve

While every homeowner brings a unique set of needs her are some of the most common reasons people sell to HouseMax. Even with these situations in mind, HouseMax can still close on your home more quickly and effectively than real estate agents.

The housing market has become a competitive place, but properties are becoming harder to sell as people grow weary of spending too much money on new homes.

HouseMax makes the selling process a lot easier for you, so you don’t have to worry about whether your home will sell or not. We can close on your timetable, so there’s no stress or hassle on your side.

Bad Renters

We've helped lots of home owners who had rental properties that they wanted to get rid of. Sometimes due to bad renters, and sometimes because they no longer wanted to be landlords. At HouseMax, we understand.

Selling a flip house

If you've bought a property with the intent of remodeling and flipping it, but things didn't work out how you imagined it, sell it to HouseMax.


When you’re selling your home, you deserve every option that we can offer you. As professional home buyers in Kansas City, some other ways HouseMax is here for you include:

Property Inheritance

If you've inherited a property that you want to sell, get in touch with our house buying experts. We will take care of repairs, clean out and all of the other details, so you don't have to

Downsizing / Upsizing

Whether you are moving into a larger or smaller home, if you need to sell your house fast in Kansas City, HouseMax is here for you.


If you are relocating for a new job, to be closer to family, or any other reason, HouseMax can help with a cash offer to buy your house.


At HouseMax, we know that major life events like divorce, or a major illness are stressful. We take care of all of the paperwork, clean out, and repairs so you can move forward with your life.


If you need to sell your house due to a major illness, we can help. Whether you're selling your house for financial or accessibility issues, HouseMax will help make the process of selling your house smooth.

IRS Tax Liens

If you owe the IRS money and have a lien on your house HouseMax can help you navigate the paperwork and financial details of selling your house.

Selling for Financial Reasons

Whether you need to sell your home due to increased property taxes, bankruptcy, paying child support, or any other reason, we understand that getting a cash offer for your house quick is important.

Why Sell to HouseMax?

When you’re selling your home, you deserve every option that we can offer you. As professional home buyers in Kansas City, here are some of the other ways HouseMax is here for you. You are the Heart of HouseMax. It's Smart to Sell to HouseMax.

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At HouseMax, we understand that you probably have lots of questions about selling your house. Our Kansas City-based team of home buying experts is here to help you through every step of the way. Reach out to us today!