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Cash House Buyers in Kansas City Don’t Require You to Make Repairs to Your House

Cash House Buyers in Kansas City Don’t Require You to Make Repairs to Your House

Selling your house is never easy. It can be a lengthy, involved process that many people aren’t entirely prepared for, especially if they’re selling due to a life-changing event such as downsizing, work relocation, divorce, or foreclosure. All of those situations can produce a lot of stress, and the need to sell your house quickly can just add to that. That stress level gets even worse if you’re facing some of the complications that can come along with trying to sell your home on the open market.

Most real-estate professionals perform pre-sale inspections before taking on a new property, and they often require homeowners to make repairs that can cost thousands of dollars and/or a whole lot of time and energy. These include painting both the interior and exterior of the home, outdoor improvements and landscaping to increase curb appeal, kitchen and bath remodels, upgrades to lighting and other fixtures, installing new carpet or refinishing hardwood floors, and so on.

All of these come at no small expense, and if structural defects in the foundation or roof are found, your costs can easily triple. And there’s no guarantee that you’ll recoup those expenses in the sale price of the home. If you’re not careful, you could find yourself selling for a loss or putting so much time and effort into getting your house ready for sale that other opportunities pass you by.

Some DIY enthusiasts might jump at the chance to do some work around the place to get it ready for sale, but not everyone has the time, money, or skills. How do you sell a house in Kansas City without having to make a bunch of repairs? Ask a professional home buyer about a cash sale “as is” on your home.

A professional house buyer in Kansas City can make you a cash offer on your home in its current condition, without worrying about the stresses and requirements of the open market. How do we do it? At HouseMax, our Acquisitions Expert will walk you through exactly how we arrived at the generous cash offer that we make for your home, so that you know you’re getting the best deal. Plus, there are no fees or commissions. In fact, we pay all the closing costs!

With a professional house buyer such as HouseMax, you won’t have to burn through your savings (or capital gains) making improvements and performing repairs to your house. You can sell it for cash, as-is, in as few as seven days! Once you contact us, we’ll send someone out to view your home when it’s convenient for you, and then we’ll make you a generous cash offer. Whether you’re going through a divorce or a relocation, dealing with an inheritance, or facing a foreclosure, we can help. We aren’t real estate agents who will help you find a house buyer in Kansas City; we are the buyer!

We specialize in helping KC-area homeowners unload burdensome houses fast and for a good price! If you’re ready to get started, just contact HouseMax today!

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