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I Need to Find a Buyer for My House in St. Louis Because I’m Relocating

I Need to Find a Buyer for My House in St. Louis Because I’m Relocating

In a perfect world, we would always have plenty of advance notice for any major life events. Unfortunately, big changes often arrive without warning, and we have to make important decisions without a whole lot of time to think and plan. Even great news such as a new job opportunity, promotion, or permanent change of station for service members can be stressful, especially if it involves relocation and you find yourself needing to find a house buyer in St. Louis on short notice.

Even when time isn’t a factor, selling a house can be an expensive and arduous process. If you go with a realtor, they will expect you to do much of the heavy lifting before listing your house on the open market, and then he or she will demand a substantial cut of the sale price once it sells. Listing your house yourself might sound like a better option, but that usually ends up being even more time- and labor-intensive. Either way, you will be faced with scheduling mandatory inspections, making repairs, staging, hosting open houses, and haggling with potential buyers. Finalizing with the individuals buying your home in St. Louis can take months if not years, depending on the fluctuations of the housing market, and this can spell trouble if you need to relocate immediately.

After all, moving is expensive. Packing materials and professional moving companies cost money. Even if you’d rather do the moving yourself, you’ll be paying for rental trucks, gas, and motels. Securing short-term living accommodations in a new area is never cheap, especially if you also need to keep some of your belongings in storage until you find a more permanent residence. There can also be significant travel expenses associated with house hunting and scouting out your new city. Transporting your vehicle is another potential expenditure, and registering it in a new state can also be costly. This all adds up to a rather steep financial burden, which may be difficult to meet if you also have a mortgage on your former residence.

Fortunately, HouseMax offers a solution. The HouseMax process is both quick and simple, with many home sales completed in as little as a week. A real estate investment expert will view and appraise your home during a free, in-home consultation. Immediately afterward, you’ll receive a fair, all-cash offer to sell your house fast in Kansas City. If you accept, a closing date is set, paperwork is signed, and you get paid: It’s as simple as that. One week from today your house could be sold without your investing a dime in repairs, fees, commissions, or closing costs.

No matter how comfortable one’s situation, most financial planners advise against trying to juggle two mortgages. You don’t want to jeopardize your\ future by rushing into a relocation before divesting yourself of your old house. HouseMax is a house buyer and real estate investment firm, and we specialize in helping Missouri homeowners quickly get rid of burdensome houses. We aren’t real estate agents looking for buyers for your home: We are the buyers. Contact HouseMax today!

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