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If I Need to Find a House Buyer Fast, What Are My Options?

If I Need to Find a House Buyer Fast, What Are My Options?

There are many ways to find a house buyer fast, and each one offers different benefits and drawbacks. Those who are unaware of the options available to them run the risk of losing their home to foreclosure, selling their house for less than it’s worth, or having their home sit on the market for much longer than they had hoped.

Many people are unaware that selling their home to a professional house buyer in Kansas City is one of the surest ways to sell a house quickly. Regardless of which option works best for you, knowing the choices you have will help you to make the right decision when it’s time to find a house buyer fast.

Contracting with a real estate agent. This is the most common way that people in the U.S. sell their homes. Nearly 90% of home sales go through real estate agents, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Working with a realtor has several advantages, but as common as it is, the process isn’t particularly fast.

A real estate agent may require that you fix up the place before you sell. You may need to perform potentially costly repairs, improve curb appeal, move your belongings to self-storage to stage the house, and possibly even hire the services of a home staging professional. Even then, you may wait weeks or even months for a sale to go through once you’ve found an interested buyer.

Go FSBO. The “for sale by owner” movement is gaining in popularity. In theory, it puts you more directly in control of the home selling process, but wading through a mire of closing documents and legal hoops may test your patience. If you are set on putting your house on the market yourself, you’ll still need an attorney and a title company to complete the transaction, and you’ll want to make sure that you’re extremely well educated on the ins and outs of closing procedures.

Even if the sale happens fairly quickly, selling a house yourself takes up a lot of your time, whether you’re trying to get the word out about the sale or wading through offers and paperwork. Plus, if it’s your first time selling, you’re bound to spend a fair amount of time figuring out the process. Going FSBO may not be the fastest option if you want a quick sale.

Sell to a professional house buyer in Kansas City. Ultimately, both real estate agents and the FSBO approach have their advantages, but if you want to sell quickly, it’s hard to beat selling directly to a professional home buyer. A professional buyer is motivated to buy, knows how to complete the process quickly and fairly, and can complete the entire sale in as few as seven days. That’s one week to a sold home!

Whether you’re looking to sell fast due to divorce, downsizing, repairs, or any other reason, the quickest and surest way is to seek out a professional house buyer in Kansas City. HouseMax helps KC-area homeowners sell their homes quickly, even if the homes are distressed or otherwise tough to sell. We aren’t real estate agents looking for a buyer for your home—we are the buyer. If you want to sell your house in Kansas City, contact HouseMax today!

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