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Selling Your Home and Relocating? Here’s How to Get Started

Selling Your Home and Relocating? Here’s How to Get Started

Along with mountains of brown boxes, moving often triggers a whirlwind of emotions. Whether you’re relocating for a new employment opportunity, making space for a new little bundle of joy on the way, or simply ready for a change of scenery, selling your home can feel both overwhelming and exciting. Where to begin?

If you’re selling your home to relocate, here are some important things to consider to make your transition a seamless one.


What Type of Move Best Suits Your Needs?

If you’re on a tight budget, and not relocating across the country, you may want to consider packing up and transporting your belongings on your own. If you take this route, you’ll likely need a rental service to accommodate that large cozy sectional, kitchen table, or washing machine that simply can’t squeeze into your car. Out-of-pocket costs for a rental truck or van will depend on the size of the vehicle needed. And don’t forget added expenses, like tolls or gas. Fair warning — DIY moving can seem simple at first glance. But unlike contracting with a professional mover, there’s no insurance coverage for anything you accidentally scratch or break.

Don’t want the headache? You can choose to hand the responsibility of packing, loading, transporting, and unloading over to the pros. Full-service moving companies can be leveraged for local or long-distance moves and base their pricing on a myriad of factors – including the weight or amount of goods, number of movers, distance traveled, hours needed, and more.

If your move-out date doesn’t coincide with your relocation date, belongings can be stored in a storage unit until they’re ready to be sold or moved to a new location. Facility rates vary from state to state, ranging from $50 per month for smaller units to $500 for larger-sized units.


Updating Your Address

From submitting your change of address to the U.S. postal service to updating credit cards, utility vendors, gas/electric, and cable providers, don’t forget to notify all the necessary parties of your new address when you’re selling your house to relocate. And remember to cancel location-specific memberships, like a gym membership or library card.


Gathering the Moving Essentials

Moving has quite a few unexpected expenses, and you’ll need to set some money aside for moving essentials. If you choose to pack your belongings on your own, you’ll need boxes, tape, bubble wrap or packing material, and markers.

When your kitchen is packed — and until you unpack in your new space — you’ll need at least several take-out or restaurant meals. And speaking of food, unless you’re moving within the same neighborhood, you won’t be able to bring perishable items with you. You’ll need to restock your pantry in your new space.

None of these items are extravagant on their own. But when you add it all up, it’s worth setting aside some cash.


Moving Your Furry Four-Legged Friend

Part of your relocation checklist may include moving your paw-fully adorable pooch or cat. The key is being prepared ahead of time – from supplies needed for the drive, like food or a chew toy, to their favorite stuffed animal to snuggle with. You’ll also have to decide whether to crate or not to crate. For a secure and comfy commute, we recommend opting to use a crate that’s sized appropriately, allowing your pet to move around and stretch its paws if needed.

Got a furry companion who tends to get anxious or experiences motion sickness? The most effective way to circumvent discomfort or unwanted messes is to visit your vet prior to selling your house to relocate. Your veterinarian can provide recommendations for ensuring the drive is a painless one, and recommend medication for pets with queasy or nervous tummies.


Making Your New House Feel Like Home

You have your favorite coffee shop, look forward to a nice stroll through the local park, and can probably navigate your neighborhood blindfolded. But now, you’re stepping into new surroundings and a crucial item on your relocation checklist revolves around getting acclimated to your new home. Here are some tips for making your new place truly feel like home:


  • Get involved in the community. Whether you volunteer at a local shelter, sign up as a member at a new gym, take a photography class, or join a book club, get plugged into a place of worship, the best way to meet new people (and build up your social calendar) is to invest time in activities or hobbies that’ll both bring you joy and naturally help you mingle with others.
  • Embrace your adventurous side. Selling your house and relocating doesn’t mean you have to stay isolated or sit home alone. Instead, set your sights on exploring your new surroundings. Discover a new cuisine you’ve never tried before. Visit a local museum, book store, or library. Or, hop onto the town’s website and browse what’s on the calendar for upcoming local events.
  • Create a new routine. When you sell your home and relocate, the most effective way to eliminate uncertainty and anxiousness is to create new daily rituals. Whether that’s heading to a local coffee joint each morning, an afternoon hike on a local trail, caring for plants in your garden, or sitting in the park with a good book after work, infusing your days with a bit of joy can help you settle in faster.


Sell Your Home the Quick, Stress-Free Way

Let’s face it: relocating takes the cake for being one of the most stressful experiences we encounter in life. Packing, moving (or hiring movers), changing all your addresses, getting acclimated to your new community . . . this is a lot to navigate. If you’re moving, you already have enough on your plate! So why add a difficult home selling process to the mix when you can take a simpler route with HouseMax?


At HouseMax, we’re flipping the script on the traditional home selling process. We help everyday people just like you by providing cash offers for your home, so you can sell quickly and seamlessly. We’ll take care of all the deed and title paperwork and pay you in cash at closing, which typically takes only 30 days. It’s easy, hassle-free, and as a small, family-owned company, we understand the importance of making the selling experience an enjoyable one.

Want to learn more about how we work? Contact our Kansas City-based team of home buying experts today. We’re excited to be by your side every step of the way.

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