Exceptional Service - Happy Customers

Exceptional Service - Happy Customers

Exceptional Service - Happy Customers

We Want Selling Your Home to Be a Positive Experience for YOU!

That’s why we go out of our way to provide superior service, transparent buying processes, and the best offers in town to all of the homeowners we work with. Our no-pressure buying technique means that we give you an offer AND the time you need to think it over, with offers guaranteed for up to 30 days. Once you decide to sell your home to us, we make sure that the process happens fast, so you get the money you need in no time! But you don’t have to take our word for it.


What Our Customers Have to Say About HouseMax

Don’t waste your time with Ugly Houses/HomeVestors! HouseMax offered almost twice as much as them and also gave the highest offer out of 4 similar companies in the KC area that do the same thing. Jason made the whole process easy from start to finish. Thanks Jason!!!

Megan Stringer
Great experience! Jason helped purchase my mom’s long time home. He was very respectful and patient throughout the process. He offered a fair price and is involved with local charities for any donations he encounters in his properties. I would encourage anyone to look into HouseMax over any other so called local companies.
Jonathan Roberts
Jason came over, viewed our house, and gave us the best offer. We’d had other investors look and make offers, but Jason’s was the best. We closed in less than 1 month and even that was quick and painless. We had a junker car in the drive and Jason even worked with us as we were delayed in getting it moved out of the drive. He was quick to answer our questions and responded quickly anytime we sent him a message. Great overall experience!

Bobbi Scott
My mother was recently moved to an assisted living facility and I needed to sell her house as soon as possible. I had called several companies that had been in the newspaper however the amount offered were a joke. I was very skeptical about calling another company in the paper but was very glad I did. He was personable, came to inspect the property and made his offer on site. All said and done before 30 days. I would highly recommend and refer Jason and his services to anyone!
Karen S.
Working with HouseMax was easy and delightful. They gave us a fair price and made the whole process very easy and quick.

Shelley McVey
I was very concerned at first because it seemed to easy with very little paperwork. After the total process, it took less than three weeks, they did everything they said they were going to and were friendly and helpful. It was a good experience from beginning to completion. Thank you very much Jason!
Donald Gaddie
Everything went smoothly and fast. Jason was very thorough, offered us a reasonable price. He explained how we could leave things and he worked with various charities. He was very understanding and polite and a pleasure to work with. We would highly recommend him to anyone needing a fast and fair sale.

Ginger Gibeson
Our family had a house that we needed to sell ASAP. We called several companies that we had seen advertised. They did not fit our needs. Then, Jason was referred to us by a friend. He looked at the property and we explained our needs to him and his response was “No Problem”. The sale was fast and painless. We would highly recommend and refer Jason and his services.
The Stanton Family
I was in desperate need to update and fix needed repairs on my home or sell it as is. Jason ended up giving us a fair and reasonable offer for our home that we just couldn’t pass up. Being in the lending industry myself, I know how stressful this process is but he made the transaction smooth with his professionalism and honesty. I highly recommend his services and have referred him to my friends and family. They are extremely pleased with their experience and grateful for the service he provided them as well. I highly recommend his service and intend on using him in the future.

Shaunda H.
I recently contacted House Max and told them my situation. They listened to my concerns, addressed them and help me out of a bad situation. I was facing foreclosure and only had a week to sell the property. Jason came out and made me an offer that allowed me to walk away with money in my pocket even though I was 6 months behind and couldn’t do any repairs to the house. Needless to say, I was shocked! I’m so glad I didn’t go with the first offer because I wouldn’t of been able to walk away with a piece of mind and cash in my pocket. Now my credit is saved and I just might be able to buy another house someday. Thanks guys! I really appreciate what you did for my family and I.
Terri & Dave
My mother had recently passed away when I contacted Jason and his team. My mother left behind a lot of personal belongings and a house that needed a lot of repairs before I could think of trying to sell it with an agent. He made me a fair offer for my moms house and bought it with all the junk we didn’t want to move. We had our cash in hand in 5 days! I’m happy with the way they conducted themselves. I had a pleasant experience and will be referring you guys to all my family and friends.

Tom C.
Jason was very friendly, understanding & polite. He put my mom’s mind at ease after losing her husband and living at home. He was very thorough & explained everything, and gave her a reasonable offer. He explained how he works with organizations that can take some of the things she left behind. This was a big relief on her not to have to get rid of it all at her age. Closing was easy and her check was deposited the same day. Office personnel were very friendly, also. We would highly recommend Jason/Housemax to anyone needing a fair price & quick sale. Thanks so much!

Wanted to write and thank you. The opportunity you gave me allowed me to leave a negative situation. It was hard for me to do all the things I wanted to for the house before I moved. I was lead to the duplex I am now in. I lived in this complex over 20 years ago and I met and married a great guy. This area has many memories for me. These are pleasant memories and I think it will help my life get on a better track. I learned long ago to trust my instincts.

You are such a caring being. My pain just came out when you came to look at the house. I know that you will make that house a nice home for a family. It is a good neighborhood – many nice folks there.

I wanted to do a better job cleaning up my mess. It took every ounce of energy that I had to move as fast as I did. The things I left were things I thought someone might want. The opportunity you gave me to leave things I didn’t take was wonderful. It allowed me to focus on the goal and move quickly.

It was a great experience working with you Jason. I sincerely know that you have helped my life. I will gladly recommend you if the situation comes into my path.

Many Blessings to you and family!

Thank you.
Laura Morissette
Just wanted to express my delight in the rehab job you did on my house in Raytown. I owned the house for some 20 years, raised my kids there but moved away to my parents home when they passed.

I had tried to rent it but had some horrible experiences and basically the house was going down hill fast.

The original hardwood floors are absolutely beautiful, I love the little deck and am so envious that the garage actually has an automatic door on it! I had always wanted to break some walls out for more space but just could not just quite manage it.

By combining the dining room with the kitchen it is so wide open and lovely. I had always wanted it to be an eat in kitchen Thanks so much for taking care of our little house



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At HouseMax, we see the potential in every home, and we take great pride in helping Kansas City-area homeowners find a new lease on life. We help you out of properties that have become a burden while still ensuring that you get top dollar for your home! Whether you’re trying to avoid foreclosure, get away from bad renters, rid yourself of a place that needs significant repairs, or have any other reason that you may want to sell your house for cash quickly and easily, HouseMax can help you do it!

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