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Things to Consider When Downsizing and Selling Your Home

Things to Consider When Downsizing and Selling Your Home

If you’ve watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix, you may be thinking about ways that you can reduce clutter and, with it, stress in your own life. Even if you haven’t, many people downsize their homes and their lives every day, for all sorts of reasons.

If your kids have left the nest, you’ve gone through a divorce, or you’re simply getting older, there are as many reasons to downsize as there are people living their lives. Some people downsize by selling their house and moving to a smaller home, while others move into apartments, trailers, or even assisted living facilities. Whatever your reasons for downsizing, there are lots of things to consider, including what to do with the house you’re moving out of when it comes time to sell your home.

Things to Consider When Downsizing and Selling Your Home:

1. Are you ready to make the move and downsize? Not everyone is in a good position to downsize. Just because your kids have gone to college doesn’t mean you’re ready for a smaller place. Maybe that spare room is something you’ve been waiting for so you could take up music again. If you’re looking for ways to save money and simplify your life, however, downsizing may be just what the doctor ordered.

2. Can you bear to part with many of your current belongings? According to the United States Census Bureau, the average size of a single-family home is around 2,600 square feet. That’s a lot of space, and you can fill it up with a lot of stuff. Downsizing will almost certainly mean letting go of some of it, possibly even having an estate sale to help your belongings find new homes. Letting go of stuff that you’ve been hanging onto can be a liberating feeling, but you have to be ready for the process.

3. Do you want to live closer to family? Early on, you probably chose where you lived based on your work, but there comes a point when spending quality time with grandkids, old friends, and other family members becomes more important. If you choose to downsize to a place that’s closer to your family, you’ll spend less time traveling for birthdays, special events, holidays, and recitals, and you’ll always be there for the important stuff.

4. How can you sell your house quickly and effortlessly? There are plenty of guides online that tell you how to downsize your belongings by donating them, having an estate sale, or putting them into self-storage. But if you’re moving into a smaller house, you’ll also need to do something with your old place. Whether you’re planning to sell your home yourself or put your house on the market with the aid of a real estate agent, you’ll face a lot of unpredictability.

Home inspectors may find unexpected—and sometimes major—problems, buyers may demand repairs or remodeling before closing, deals can fall apart at the last minute, the list goes on and on. Fortunately, there’s an easier way: You can sell your house quickly by contacting a professional house buyer in Kansas City.

At HouseMax, we buy your home with cash, directly from you, with no need to wait for loan approval or other paperwork. In fact, you can sell your house in as few as seven days, or whenever works for you. If you want to sell your home fast so that you can move on to the next exciting chapter of your life, contact HouseMax professional house buyers in Kansas City today!

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