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What Are My Options if I Need to Find a House Buyer Fast?

What Are My Options if I Need to Find a House Buyer Fast?

Before selling your house, you need to weigh your options. Depending on your needs, you can try to sell it yourself, go through a real estate agency or work with a professional home buyer. Each approach has its own advantages and disadvantages, and market fluctuations can impact everything from your asking price to how long it takes to find a house buyer in St. Louis. Which route is right for you?

Try for sale by owner. Many people assume going the “FSBO” route will be easiest and return the biggest profit, since you cut out any middlemen. In reality, selling your house yourself takes a tremendous amount of time and energy. You have to figure out how to list and market your place, and then you’ll have to entertain a parade of strangers requesting to view it at inconvenient times. Many FSBO listings take months, if not years, to sell. When you do secure a prospective buyer, your real work begins: figuring out the complicated closing processes and then filing the documents. Title companies and attorneys will need to be involved. Unless you have a background in real estate, you will have to invest significant time educating yourself, and you may still not come out ahead in the end. If you want to sell your home fast and for a fair price, FSBO is a risky proposition.

Contract with a real estate agent. Most Americans sell their homes through a real estate agent. While this method is the most popular, it can also be the slowest. Doing your research to find a reputable real estate agent who is taking on new listings in your area can take time. Agents frequently request that sellers spruce up their homes before listing them, and this could mean anything from performing expensive repairs to trucking your furniture and possessions off to a self-storage unit to better “stage” your house for prospective buyers. Agents will expect a deep cleaning and work to improve the curb appeal. They even may insist on consulting with a home staging professional. All of this costs money and
can drag on for months before your house even goes on the market.

Or you can just sell to a professional house buyer in St. Louis! HouseMax offers the fastest and easiest method of selling your house. As soon as you make an appointment, a real estate expert comes to your house for a free, in-home consultation. HouseMax appraises your property, makes you an offer, and takes care of the closing paperwork and fees. Best of all, this process can take as little as seven days.

Many circumstances may prompt you to sell your home: relocation, divorce, overdue repairs, inherited property, downsizing, you name it. Whatever your motivation, the fastest, easiest method is to reach out to the best professional house buyer in Kansas City. HouseMax is a local house buyer and real estate investment firm that specializes in helping Missouri homeowners get rid of their houses immediately. We aren’t realtors in search of buyers for your home: We are the buyers. Contact HouseMax now!

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