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What Things Do I Need to Consider When Downsizing and Selling My Home?

What Things Do I Need to Consider When Downsizing and Selling My Home?

Are your kids leaving home, and you find yourself with more space than you need? Or are you relocating and see this as an opportunity to reduce your expenses? Whatever your circumstances, you are one of many Americans attracted to the financial benefits and other freedoms that downsizing affords. Just be careful that in your eagerness to lead a simpler life you don’t focus too much on downsizing the contents of your house without giving enough care to how you sell your home itself. Finding a house buyer in St. Louis is an essential step in your downsizing journey, and the good news is it doesn’t have to be hard.

What to Consider When Downsizing and Selling Your Home:

  • Are you ready to make the move and downsize? The U.S. Census Bureau announced that single-family homes now average about 2,500 square feet, so clearly some folks still love their extra space. But owning and maintaining all that square footage costs a pretty penny. If you don’t really need it, why would you want to pay for it? Moving in to a smaller, more manageable house makes financial sense, especially as we reach an age where we value simplicity.
  • Do you wish to live nearer family? Speaking of getting older, most people prefer being close to loved ones as they age. Whether it’s your kids, grandkids, or friends, you want to be in closer proximity to the ones you care about. By not having to travel for holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions, you can ensure you don’t miss out on what’s most important in life.
  • Can you bear to part with many of your current belongings? A lot of folks like downsizing in principle but find that going through with it is tough. Others take satisfaction in donating boxes of books, clothes, and furniture as soon as they’re done with them. Clearing out your old house can actually be very cathartic, and you will undoubtedly take joy in rediscovering those possessions you can’t live without.
  • How can you sell your house quickly and effortlessly? Neither selling your home yourself nor going through a real estate agency guarantees you a quick turnaround time. Home inspectors can find problems, agents or potential buyers may demand repairs before closing, loans can be denied, and buyers bail at the eleventh hour. Fortunately, by contacting a professional house buyer in St. Louis you can quickly sell your house.

If you are ready to downsize, HouseMax offers a great alternative to selling your house on the market. Just fill out our online form. Because there’s no bank paperwork to bog down the process, the sale can be closed in a single week. Best of all, once you accept the offer you receive the full value in cash.

HouseMax is a St. Louis-based house buyer and real estate investment firm dedicated to helping Missouri homeowners downsize their homes as quickly as possible. Unlike real estate agents who will try to find buyers for your home, we are the buyers. Reach out to HouseMax today!

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