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Start to Finish: Selling Your Home to HouseMax

Start to Finish: Selling Your Home to HouseMax

Selling your house in a traditional manner can be quite an undertaking. Listing procedures, showings, negotiations, and the many other aspects of the house selling process can easily make homeowners dread the entire experience. Fortunately, there’s a way to bypass the stress and receive cash for your home in 30 days or less — with HouseMax!

At HouseMax, our process is simple and straightforward: Our team does the work, so you don’t have to. The HouseMax system was created with the sellers best interest in mind. We handle all of the paperwork, repairs, clean-out, and other details while ensuring your questions are answered every step of the way.

The HouseMax Process

Step 1: Reach out to our team

When you’re ready to sell your home in Kansas City, simply contact the HouseMax team to learn more information or to get started right away. Once we receive your inquiry, we can get started on researching your property and its general location.

During this initial step, we’re already gathering information to begin constructing an offer for your home. You can also send us pictures you’ve taken yourself, as well as any other relevant information we may need to know about the property to get you the best possible cash offer.

Step 2: Discussion about your home

After receiving your contact information, one of our Acquisitions team members will reach out to you to gather as many details as possible during a quick phone call. No need to sweat this, just 10 minutes or less! During this conversation, we’ll ask you some key questions about the property, including things like bedroom count, bathroom count, lot size, roof condition, condition of any HVAC systems or the water heater, updates you’ve made, and more.

In addition to property details, we’ll also discuss your expectations and goals for selling your home, including your goal sale price. Don’t know what your home’s value might be? Don’t worry! We will research the market in your area and take all factors into consideration as we put together an appropriate price point for your home.

In some cases, our initial conversation over the phone with you is all we’ll need to draft an offer. Some sellers are content with the price we offer upfront, so we’ll send the contract without touring the home. However, many homeowners prefer a property walk-through to ensure they’ll be selling for the best price possible.

Step 3: Property walk-through

Unlike the traditional sales and moving process, you won’t have to worry about open houses, endless inspections, or staging when selling your home to HouseMax. We will simply send someone from our team out to tour your property, regardless of the home’s condition. Although home inspections are not required when working with HouseMax, our team will inspect any work that needs to be done on the property before selling. This includes evaluating any cleaning and repairs your home may need.

Fortunately, you don’t have to make any repairs yourself. In a typical home sale process, you’ll need to figure out how to handle repairs, but not with HouseMax. We will buy your home as-is, so any cleaning or repairs we note are not necessary on your part.

Step 4: You receive an offer

When we present sellers with an offer, we provide complete transparency. The home’s offer will be based on what kinds of upgrades or repair work may need to be done, as well as the general location of the home. It’s unlike the typical home selling process: no realtor intermediary, no back-and-forth, no worries about negotiation navigation.

Our initial ballpark estimate will be adjusted appropriately to accommodate for anything we missed during our discussions, or any unusual issues we see during our walk-through. During this step, we will also conduct title research for proof of ownership.

Step 5: You sign the contract

A contract will be sent to you after verbal agreement of our offer. HouseMax makes it easy with a single page contract to limit the piles of paperwork that you have to sift through. Once you accept our offer, HouseMax will navigate the title and deed process.

If you have second thoughts and decide to back out, you can send the contract back unsigned at no cost to you.

Step 6: Receive cash for your home

After we receive your signed contract, we close on your home as soon as possible. In just 30 days or less, you’ll have cash in hand! We understand that selling a home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make — so we aim to keep things easy for you.

When you work with a traditional realtor, the process can take months. But with HouseMax, you’ll have cash quickly. You’re 30 days away from receiving cash for your home! It’s that easy.

HouseMax is the most reviewed home buyer in the Kansas City area that offers cash for homes. Our clients love working with our team because we help take the stress out of selling your property. As a local home buying company, we give our highest, best offer the first time.

Our market is always expanding, and we’re currently serving markets in the Kansas City, St. Louis, and Orlando regions. We want our customers to feel welcome when they come to HouseMax. Our commitment to you is the same one that we make to ourselves: that we will live out our values and show you the true heart of HouseMax through every step of the way.

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