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HouseMax Math: How We Come Up With An Offer to Buy Your Home

HouseMax Math: How We Come Up With An Offer to Buy Your Home

Let’s face it: When it comes to selling your home, you want the very best deal. But the home selling process can be time-consuming, lengthy, and just plain stressful. Cleaning, staging, coordinating photography, selecting a realtor, and making repairs are only some of the things you’re likely to endure before placing that “For Sale” sign at the front of your lot. And once your home is listed, the stress isn’t over. You’ll need to keep your home ready to show at all times.

These are just a few reasons why many homeowners consider selling to an investor like HouseMax. If you’re comparing selling your home with a realtor vs. investor, you can trust that HouseMax is the easier route. Our process is easy and straightforward, and puts you back in control of selling your house.

But you may be wondering: how much will HouseMax pay for your house? When it comes down to a realtor vs. investor, the bottom line matters! How do we determine the right price for your property? Let’s do some HouseMax math.

Here is how our team constructs our all-cash offers:

1.   Initial discussion with a team member

Once you have contacted the HouseMax team to learn more information or to get started, we can get started on researching your property and its general location. During this initial step, we will begin gathering information about your home.

One of our Acquisitions team members will reach out to you for a quick phone conversation. We will ask you key questions to learn more specifics about your home, including things like bedroom count, bathroom count, lot size, roof condition, condition of any HVAC systems or the water heater, updates you’ve made, and more. You can send us photos of the home and any other relevant information to get you the best possible cash offer.

In addition to property details, we’ll also discuss your expectations and goals for selling your home, including your goal sale price. Even if you’re unsure what your home’s value may be, we will research the market conditions in your area before proposing an offer, so you can rest assured that you will be receiving a fair market value amount.

2.    Property walk-through

Fortunately, when you make the choice to sell your home to HouseMax, the traditional sales and moving process does not apply! This means you won’t have to stress about open houses, endless inspections, or staging. In the typical process, when you’ll have at least several people walking through on several occasions. But with HouseMax, we will simply send one of our trustworthy team members to your home for a quick property tour.

Although home inspections are not required when working with HouseMax, our team will take a look at any work that needs to be done on the property before selling. This includes evaluating any cleaning and repairs your home may need.

If any repairs are noted, no sweat! You won’t have to make any repairs yourself. We will buy your home as-is, so any cleaning or repairs we note are not necessary on your part.

3.    Constructing the final offer

We base your home’s final cash offer on what kinds of upgrades or repair work may need to be done, as well as the general location of the home. Our initial ballpark estimate will be adjusted appropriately to accommodate for anything we missed during our discussions, or any unusual issues we see during our walk-through.

Sound simple? That’s because it is.

Now that you’ve learned how we do our math, take a moment to do your own. What would it cost for you to sell your home the traditional way? Your expenses can include:

  • Updates and upgrades to modernize and dated rooms (like the kitchen or bathrooms)
  • Repairs (or replacements) — from minor things like a new coat of paint, to major repairs like foundation and HVAC
  • Thorough, floor-to-ceiling cleaning
  • Staging and photography expenses
  • Commissions and closing costs
  • Pre-sale home inspection
  • And much more!

All of those expenses associated with selling to a realtor vs. investor add up quickly, and will cut into your ultimate profit. Selling to HouseMax? Forget all of the above expenses!

As a local home buying company, HouseMax gives our highest, best offer the first time. Working with an investor vs. realtor will ensure you have your generous cash offer in 30 days or less!

HouseMax is the most reviewed home buyer in the Kansas City area that offers cash for homes. When it comes to deciding to work with an investor vs. realtor, we make the decision simple! Our clients love working with our team because we help take the stress out of selling your property.

We’re currently serving homeowners in the Kansas City area.  We want our customers to feel at ease when they work with the HouseMax team. Our commitment to you is the same one that we make to ourselves: that we will live out our values and show you the true heart of HouseMax through every step of the way.

Reach out to our home buying expert team today!

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