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Spring Cleaning 2022: Checklist

Spring Cleaning 2022: Checklist

After a chilly winter season, spring has finally sprung! And for homeowners, this means it’s time for an annual deep clean. There is a lot of work that goes into scrubbing your house from top to bottom, and the satisfaction only comes after the project is complete.

It’s important to create a realistic schedule and focus on one task at a time. Be sure to keep in mind that a single weekend of cleaning won’t suffice. It will likely take several days for more involved projects, such as shampooing carpets and organizing closets.

It’s time to throw on those plastic gloves (hiding under your sink from last year’s spring cleaning) and get to work. Let’s dive into the ultimate spring cleaning checklist. Plus, consider starting over with a completely clean slate by taking advantage of today’s real estate market and selling your home for cash to HouseMax, one of the top companies that buy houses in Kansas City — no cleaning or repairs required!

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Step 1: Prepare

Tackling your spring cleaning projects cannot be completed successfully without a set plan. Committing to cleansing every corner of your home will require a schedule and task list of priorities.

For example, the top of your priority to-do list may be to buy the essential cleaning products needed to achieve your desired goal. You may also prioritize buying new linens, building a playlist with all of your favorite tunes to keep you motivated while cleaning, or beginning the purging process in order to get old belongings out of your way.

Once you’ve assembled your essential products, created your upbeat playlist, and have donated your unwanted belongings, it’s time for the cleaning to begin.

Step 2: The Kitchen

The kitchen withstands a lot of wear and tear over the course of a year. From expired food in the pantry, to insect-infested cabinets, your kitchen is likely due for a thorough cleanse.

Begin by removing the contents from every cabinet and drawer, and wipe them down. Once the inside and outside of each cabinet and drawer are clean, replace the items and organize them accordingly.

Next, focus on dusting the light fixtures, blinds, ceiling fans, and window sills. It’s crucial that this step comes before cleaning the floors, or you may have to repeat that step as dust accumulates on the ground.

Lastly, wipe down the counters, backsplash, faucet, sink, and floors. Don’t forget to ensure the drain is also clean and clear of old food or pungent smells. To freshen up the garbage disposal, drop in a deodorizing tablet or try a natural solution like lemon rinds or salt and ice.

Step 3: Bathrooms

Throughout the year, moisture can become trapped in your bathroom resulting in potential mold problems, so scrubbing your bathroom is extremely important for your health (and the health of your next owners, if you choose to sell).

Start with your shower and tub, and remove any debris caught in the drain. Once your drain is clear and open, wipe down the shower walls and scrub the tub. Then, move to the toilet and cleanse the inside of the toilet bowl and the outside porcelain. Toilets can collect dust throughout the year, so be sure to wipe down the top and sides.

Mirrors can get spotty and dusty as well, and a high-quality glass cleaner is all you need to remove those stains. Choose an all-purpose cleaner for the counters and sink, and don’t forget to mop the floors with soapy water when you’re done!

Step 4: Bedrooms

Each room, whether it’s the primary bedroom or the guest bedroom, deserves a full overhaul. Begin by laundering linens in hot water, or replace the sheets altogether. While the sheets are being cleaned, air out the mattress pad and sprinkle baking soda across the uncovered mattress to restore freshness.

Dust curtains and window sills, vacuum, and organize each room before beginning the carpet shampooing process. Use a rag to spot clean walls, and replace batteries in any of the smoke detectors in the room.

Step 5: Financials

When you hear the term “spring cleaning,” many people only consider their closets, floors, and indoor space. However, yearly spring cleaning includes your bank account too. It may be time to refresh your financial situation by selling your home in the peak of the housing market. Take advantage of your home’s appreciation by selling your home for cash to a local, well-respected company that buys houses in Kansas City.

HouseMax clients love working with our team because we help take the stress out of selling your property. And guess what? You won’t have to worry about making your home spotless! We are the best house buyer in Kansas City as is. Clogged drains? No problem. Filthy kitchen? Doesn’t bother us. Unkempt landscaping? We’ll deal with it!

When you work with HouseMax, the hassle of real estate fees, commissions, repairs, and closing costs are all left at the door. Our cash offer is the best way to spruce up your bank account and start the spring off fresh.

Our spring cleaning checklist is guaranteed to make your home and financial life sparkle. Whether you plan to take advantage of the current market or simply want to enjoy a clean home, springtime is the perfect season to get the job done. Contact HouseMax today to get a cash offer on your home.

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